Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just a bit more

These I took from Fran's Facebook photos.

The Delicious Doxy, of course.

Radiant, gracious, a joy.
No wonder DF fell for her.

I was on a plane instead of church today but here is proof that we did go to church this weekend.

Belle put on a mask to honor her New Orleans roots and meet Mimi again. My daughhters Maggie and Belle are very fond of Mimi. How could they not be? See, blackmail! I've got my arm around her again. (Keep an eye on the clergy; we're not to be trusted.)

Jane noted that one must stop and smell the magnolias. Fran caught me sniffing.

It was an amazing walk with the three of us deep in discussion of the Most Holy and Lifegiving Trinity.

--the BB


Jane R said...

Note: Auntie Jane lent Belle the mask. One must keep such things around. Belle looks better in it than I do! She is a scamp, that one, and so is her sister Maggie. Molesy has a past --I think he has had his own escapades-- but he is recovering from his years in accidental lock-up and just slowly getting used to the wide wild world again. This expedition was a good beginning to this new phase of his life.

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Paul said...

Yes, i failed to give Auntie Jane credit for the fabulous red and silver sequin mask. Not having seen Auntie Jane in the mask, I cannot judge, but Belle certainly enjoyed it.

How ya gonna keep your girls down in the desert after they've seen le Vieux Carré? Auntie Jennifer did her part in corrupting my sweet lasses and with all these aunties around it's a lost cause. I just tell them, "no headlines, no calls from the police station, no unwanted pregnancies" and I hope for the best. And they're good girls at heart, if a little wild.

Malachi Matthew Melchizedek Mole, aka Mole or Molesy, is the best raconteur in the family and a great lover of parties. He has, as I've noted elsewhere, been clean and sober for quite some time. We have our suspicions about the damage to his nose, poor chap. Still good for party spirits, even if he sips UNSWEETENED ice tea now. He does have serious recuperation to do and we are trying to re-bond. I too think this outing was good for him. I hope he does not tell too many stories about North Carolina, but just so long as they keep them among the kids (and Mimi keeps her blackmail photos private), all should be well.