Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arson again

A northern city is torched before dawn by flaming arrows.
Cries of horror rose into the night as onlookers watched roofs collapse, great black beams tumbling through the red flames, scattering sparks, and sometimes sealing the fate of the trapped. Dogs barked and horses panicked. Not a single voice paused to hymn the daystar when light came at last to this fiery nightmare.
This atrocity makes it clear. It will be war.

One minute flaming arrows, the next Episcopalians swooping down on Anaheim like Vikings upon Lindisfarne.

Sorry. Bad analogy. Anaheim is hardly a haven of sanctity, though I am sure some holy souls live there.

The photo above is from the Jesusita fire in the Santa Barbara area. I was talking today to two firefighters stationed there. Got unprofessional and thanked one of them but had to move on quickly. You know how soppy I can get.

Sweet dreams, my frisky wombats!

--the BB

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