Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ZOMG, the plot doesn't just thicken, it curdles

“Whatever is happening, I do not like it and I am afraid for my child.”

This was X., the young widow whose hollowing cheeks bespoke weight loss and whose darkening eyes proclaimed sleepless nights. She stood with a rigid dignity but her form had grown slighter beneath the indigo dress that hung from her frame.

“’Fraid,” echoed Her Magnificence, looking about the room and seeing collective anxiety on the faces of the adults.
Yes, in the space of a few short chapters there have been two assassinations since the prince was slain, and three acts of terrorism. Now it is overt military action. Moriarty must be up to something. Grab your deerstalker, the game's afoot.

The Regents are freaking. For that matter, so is the whole principality. We don't have warrantless wiretapping but the roads are closed, movement is limited, surveillance is ratcheted up. Clamping down with control is, how do you say, a rather common response to fear.

Now come the dreams and visions along with the movement of armies. Not the springtime everyone hoped for.

I just finished chapter 25. Time for bed.

--the BB


it's margaret said...

no fair.... want to know more. want to read it....

Paul said...

What can I say, Margaret? I tease so that when I finally get in print there are avid fans waiting to gobble the books up.

Paul said...

Margaret, if you want to read the second draft of the story where it all began (in the middle, about 60% of the way through the entire cycle) you may go to my other blog here. As with all blogs, you need to read from the bottom up. This is the whimsical tale from which an entire world sprang.

Being clever, you can figure out how to work your way through the archive pages.