Wednesday, May 27, 2009

“There is a new darkness in the world.” - updated

I am uncertain whether I have just completed chapter 26 or there might be one more scene in it.

The chief has been doing his chiefing, his warmaiden wife has been carding wool, his sister has been making jewelry, and his brother-in-law has been carving wood. Until he dropped his mallet and put his chisel down. There goes his inner awareness again, like a loud alarm unheard by all others. Reading hearts is one thing but sensing things at great distances is too skeevy.

Will the forest tribe be drawn once more into the affairs of the northeastern lands? Is the pope a Bavarian? But wait. Ninefingers' wife is pregnant. This is no time to run off on adventures.

All just to keep you eager, Margaret.

Yes, there was one more scene, the deathbed of the former Lord Marshall [a victim of poisoning].
T. stroked his father’s hand gently, almost afraid to tatter the translucent skin. He sighed, rose, and turned away, missing the moment when C’s eyes shot open. There was no recognition, only an inarticulate grunt before all breath fled.

A star singer, who had been waiting in the room, began to sing [the song at death]. D. fell to his knees, collapsing on the bed, and wept. V’s eyes seemed for a while as vacant as their father’s as shock set in and he pondered all that had just fallen on his shoulders.

T’s wife, J., left the room. She returned with a bowl of ashes so the family could mark their grief. A tall, sober-faced page entered shortly thereafter with swaths of white cloth. Makeshift sashes were girt about waists as the brother’s smeared ash on each other’s cheeks. The mourners did what mourners must as the departed journeyed with [the god who guides the dead], beyond caring.
[White is the color of death in my parallel world. Star singers are a pre-christian clergy equivalent.]

Sweet dreams, my little voles.

--the BB


David said...

having some sense of the real pleasure and satisfaction this writing gives you, i'm thrilled every time you post of your progress.

the whole series doesn't have to be finished however, before you begin your research for an agent, or even begin negotiations for a multi-book deal. so that's your homework for this week-end.

enough of this fiction-tease, get thee to an angent!



Paul said...


No, I don't plan to finish the series first by any means. I do have a contact in publishing. There is some painstaking work going on toward a few final revisions of volumes 1 and 2 (which together tell one story). As soon as that is done, I print a fresh copy and off it goes.