Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Something might happen

My apologies for not keeping this up (such an obligation!)

A dream fragment survives, but here I will only add the punchline. Following a rather preposterous scenario, I and a lady friend have survived some threat to find ourselves unclothed but with modesty preserved by a restaurant tablecloth wrapped around both of us. As we are on our way to find clothing, I remark to my parents (long deceased in waking time) that this is why I live in the Bay Area and not in my home town.

"Something might happen. It may not be pleasant. It may not make any sense. But around any corner something might happen."

At that point the colors were especially vivid and I know that in my perception this was a contrast with what I would consider a drabness in my native environs.

As Thanksgiving approaches I offer thanks for the love and nurture my family gave and gives me. I also give thanks for moving away to experience a larger world. Similarly I give thanks for the United States and the ideals on which it is founded, and give thanks for having the opportunity to visit other lands and experience a larger world.

With a blessed and grateful heart I remain
the BB

Thursday, November 18, 2004

No techie here

I hope my readers can be patient. One has already informed me that her comment was not accepted, though I have checked the box that says Yes to "allow new comments on this post." Since I am a total newbie at this, manipulating blogger is beyond my ken.

Evidently not all the bells and whistles are available to me, or I would upload photos of my recent trip. Guess this will be for interior journeys only. In any case, welcome aboard, fellow travelers.

As soon as I adjust to this, we shall see what gets channeled through my keyboard.

The BB


I never thought I would have my own blog, but life is full of surprises.

Explanation of title: I have said that my spiritual autobiography could be titled "Byzigenous Buddhapalian: Baptist Boy Goes Bad." My journey has taken me from Baptist roots to a faith and practice that incorporates Byzantine (Eastern Orthodox) veneration of and meditation on icons, an Indigenous (Native American) view of creation and our role in it, Buddhist influences, and an Episcopalian community and context in which I live it all out.

Most of my websurfing, however, has been political this year.

I am exploring many things these days. Who knows what will be posted.
The BB