Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Dinner

I've lost track of the number of Italian dinners so we'll just call this Sunday Dinner.

The bread, begun last night and baked late this morning. To the basic recipe I added julienned sundried tomatoes and some tomato paste. It is dusted with cornmeal. Here is the recipe.

The table in wheat and wine colors.

Yes, I have both a Kitchen Aid mixer and a hand-held mixer. Why do you ask?

I still prefer creaming butter and sugar with a wooden spoon. It feels more honest. This was the first step of the walnut-ricotta tart.

Ready to party. Yes, that young couple in the photo may look familiar.

Appetizers: the tomato bread and some Costco pugliese bread with two kinds of cheese and an artichoke spread. This photo was taken before a plate of salami was added.

Primi: Risotto milanese with shrimp.

Secondi: Chicken thighs alla cacciatora with wilted spring greens and apples, garnished with wedges of persimmon.

This is the walnut-ricotta tart, glazed with apricot jam and Grand Marnier, garnished with chocolate curls. There is orange zest in the cake itself.

Lovely company. So nice to see my friends tonight and feed them.

It took me a long while to unwind tonight so here I am posting this well after midnight. Sweet dreams, food lovers.

--the BB