Friday, September 15, 2006

The Big River Bear

Yes, friends, I have made the move and am now resident in New Mexico, La Tierra Encantada. The California Bear now takes on a new aspect, living as I do near the Rio Grande. So now I am the Big River Bear.

I begin a new job next Monday (hooray!) and for the first few weeks here was busy unpacking and trying to solve the puzzle of what is in which box. Yes, we tried to label well, but life has little glitches. Things are mostly functional.

Have been busy working on The Deed of Ian, a tale that is rapidly taking form as a novel. Over 80,000 words so far and this is only the half-way point. Huge cast and huge territory, a classic hero quest, fictionally based on an epic poem of Mithernesse. Currently into roughly day 38 of the journey. Lots of fun imagining another world, its culture and customs, its spirituality and values. I'm loving it. Revision will be a beeyotch, since the tale almost flows onto the keyboard. Let's just say the first draft is coming along swimmingly.

OK, time for pics. --The BB
The Sandia Mountains

Desert Farne, my new home
Looking south from two blocks away
Eureka, I found gold!