Monday, May 07, 2012

Prayer request from our brother David

I'd ask your prayers for dear brother Paul's Jannita who [began chemo last week], and for Gwendolyn's Jim who is to be prepped for radiotheraphy on the newly-discovered cancer in his brain.

prayers for justice for the Lakota man who while undergoing surgery was also violated by some sick individual who carved initials of hate on his chest prayers for all those who cry out for justice please. prayers for the two wonderful priests (margaret & Joel) who serve this man.

prayers for a transformative outcome to the vote in North Carolina today. and speaking of transformative opportunities, prayers for the peope of France and Greece: that they not abandon their inter-connectivity with the rest of creation and they try with their new governments to 'save themselves.'

prayers for the people Syria, for the people of Darfur, for the healing of Charles Taylor's victims.

prayers for the people who live in the shadow of the Mexican-American border, and those who sacrifice their lives there.

prayers for John Andrews and B.C.'s discenment. for all those in discernment. prayers for those needing a way forward. prayers for all those gathered up in Bishop Steven's powerful prayer/blessing today.

birthday blessings for Jane whose day it is.

thank-you beloved Giants

love always- always Love


Sunday, May 06, 2012

Heart thread - 05/06/2012

This is my niece Jannita who has just started chemo.  She has a good prognosis but we would all appreciate your prayers for her as her body goes through chemo and radiation.  She has five children and three grandchildren, with another grandchild on the way.  Many thanks for the prayers that have already come her way.  She was not keen on my taking photos but I know it is easier to pray when we can visualize.

I also ask your prayers for M. who is in rehab and has had a long struggle and for M's family.  And for K. and A. and N. and D. who have been working their way through lots of difficult tensions.

For the people of North Carolina as they vote on the hateful Amendment One on Tuesday.  And for all victims of oppression, prejudice, and bullying.

I give thanks for all who uphold me in prayer and who join me in remembering others.  You are a blessing.

--the BB

Published at last

It probably will not be visible on Amazon until tomorrow but I clicked "publish" this afternoon. For a mere $5.99 USD you, gentle reader, can now purchase the e-book of my first novel for Kindle. Don't have a Kindle? There is an app for your device. Just look here.

The title to look for is The Demon Chasers and the author name is Grevedan Deveril. You may read more about who he is at the sister blog dedicated to all things MĂ­dhris.

If you can, please go to OCICBW and use the Amazon widgets in the right margin to order as this costs the reader no more but helps support a friend.

OK, fans of sword and sorcery, snaffle up those e-books. There will be more, God willing and the Rio Grande don't rise. Volume two before Christmas this year and volume three next year. Help me retire early!

Also, dear articulate friends, reviews on Amazon make for more hits and more sales, so if you feel so inclined....


-the BB