Monday, September 19, 2011

Cena italiana #6

Facebook friends have put up with me rhapsodizing about ironing and the joys of starched linens. Well, one set of new linens have been inaugurated tonight. Here is the table with places for six though it was just Bill and I for dinner.

Sauteed mushrooms and onions for pizza topping.

Who said pizza has to be perfectly round? These ain't.

First round: pizza with mushrooms and onions, green salad, and a lovely 1994 Fetzer reserve cabernet.

Round two: pizza with pepperoni.

Dang, this was fun, and easy. (Though on Facebook I confessed that when I did a dry run of a pizza just for myself on Saturday I discovered that I really should have had a pizza pan. Now I have two. There were no photos of Saturday's pizza. "Before" photos would have been lovely; "after" photos could have been blackmail.

The cooking adventure continues.

--the BB