Friday, January 18, 2013

Heart thread - 01/18/2013

Our beloved brother, David@Montreal, asks for our prayers:

beloved Giants:
next Monday will be President Obama's public inauguration.second term of office.
i'm asking  a ongoing special intention of prayer and practice for the safety of the President and his family, as he has assumed such a prophetic role in a long-overdue discussion of the role of guns in American life and culture.
another special intention of prayer and practice for the transformative opportunities America is being offered with President Obama's initiatives.

in the wider world i'm asking prayers
for the people of Syria & South Sudan, for the people of Mali, and for the leaders of African and middle Eastern nations to assume their responsibilities for fraternal care  instead of continually relying on American, Canadian and European intervention.
prayers for  6 y.o. Austin who is incapacitated by blinding migraine headaches which confound his doctors
for Doreen living the last days and weeks of her life
prayers for all those undergoing discernment
all of those without proper housing
all those in search of a way forward
and prayers for a certain 'new retiree' and his husband

love always-always Love

 I also ask your prayers for my nephew Jay who has surgery on February 5, for his mother Ivajeane, and for the surgeons, nurses, techs, etc.  Jay's health is fragile.

And for the repose of the soul of Doris Hagen, a pillar of St Cuthbert's Church, Oakland.  She was there from the beginning of the church and headed the altar guild for many years.  A hard worker, she volunteered in the office, was a major organizer of fund raisers, and served on vestry and other committees.  She also looked after and supported me in good times and bad.  She died yesterday after a long and productive life.  Please remember also her husband, Paul, and their daughter Carol and grandchildren.

Doris Hagen

--the BB