Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heart thread - 07/10/2010

Do not hesitate to bring out the big guns in your prayers, my friends.

My Little Sister gave me news about our Big Sister Shirley:
After heart studies this past week, she received a call from the NP in the cardiologist office that she has another blocked artery and they will be getting her in to see the doctor as soon as possible.
KJ asks prayer for his father who is going through difficult chemo and for his mother (and let us remember Kevin and all the family as well).

Four of my dear friends are coping with stressful situations and hard decisions. Please pray for them and their families.

For the repose of the soul of Margaret's mother and for all who mourn.

For MP.

For Mark.

For all who, this night, are in danger or desperation, for the sick and the dying, for the frightened and the furious.

I woke up this morning praying for a swift and complete recuperation from Fran's gall bladder surgery and asked myself how I could have prayed for her several times yesterday and still omitted her name here. Fran, you are not forgotten.

--the BB

Low key day

Last night I drove from work to meet friends and we then headed north of Santa Fe for the opera: Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by Mozart. We had a picnic-style supper in a condo in Santa Fe then rejoiced in cooler weather as we settled in for the music. The music was wonderful. Well, one expects that from Mozart, but the singers and orchestra did a great job. As one friend opined, it was nice to see Tamino look and act as one imagines a prince should. Papageno had great comic timing and acting and a wonderful voice. I enjoyed listening to Tamino and Pamina and Papageno... and the Queen of the Night hit those notes. Bravi tutti! Here is the amazing thing. I was alert and engaged all the way through. No naps during the performance. This may be a first in recent history.

It made for a late night and we were up not much later than I get up for work. Breakfast at Clafouti in Santa Fe then a drive home.

After such a long day yesterday, today was a do-nothing day. I watered the yard, traded some e-mails, and not much else. Tonight three of us saw The Taming of the Shrew. It is a very problematic play because you just want to scream at the subjugation of women and treatment of them as chattel. There were some fun comic turns but the play itself is beyond problematic. Other than the Taylor-Burton film of it, I believe I had only seen it once. That was at Cal Shakes and the lead couple were husband and wife in real life. They were able to give a lot more physicality and fire to the roles than one usually gets and I vaguely remember feeling better about the play that night. Ah well. A week from tomorrow is A Midsummer Night's Dream and I look forward to that.

The photo is of penstemon.

Sweet dreams, my frivolous vogelfängers!

--the BB

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pondering food

Well, we bears are usually pondering food. It was an accepted truth that to a bear the most important meal of the day is ... the next one.

I have been hankering for homemade egg pasta lately. Was getting ready to get out the hand-cranked pasta machine. But tonight I spotted the pasta attachment for a Kitchen Aid mixer and decided to indulge myself. So the same function will be performed without my having to do the cranking.

I have not forgotten the basic recipe. Two cups of flour. Make a well in the center. Break three eggs into the well. Beat with a fork. Incorporate the two ingredients. Then many, many repetitions of feeding pieces of dough through the kneading roller. When it is satiny, gradually adjust the rollers, taking the dough to the desired thinness. Then cut (or not if you are making lasagne). Molto semplice, no?

Not this weekend, unless I do it Sunday. Tonight was Italian class, tomorrow is Die Zauberflöte at the Santa Fe Opera, and Saturday is The Taming of the Shrew at the Vortex Theatre. But Sunday.... with squash and cherry tomatoes and basil fresh from the yard, some olive oil and garlic? Perhaps.

Life is obviously busy so posting will continue to be light.

Buona notte a tutti.

--the BB

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Feeling summery

I indulged in retail therapy between work and Italian class tonight. Eddie Bauer (more summer shirts on sale) and Williams Sonoma (my 8-inch skillet had died and needed replacing... oh, and there were some pretty linens on sale). Had ice cream tonight and right now I feel very mellow.

Now, the hiking and lugging and digging of the weekend did not have my body feeling mellow at work today. Quite a collection of joints and muscles were announcing that I had been using them over the past few days. But that is a good thing and they will be the better for it.

Right now, however, it is bedtime.

Sweet dreams, my oscillating ocelots!

--the BB

If deficits matter at all....

... (and I believe they do, though not in the way the deficit peacocks proclaim), then those concerned about government deficits will let the Bush tax cuts lapse. End of discussion.

If they don't, then they are fucking hypocrites and have zero credibility. We should not listen to them. I would go so far as to invoke Miss Manners and apply the harshest social judgment and give them the cut direct. No op-eds, no time on the Sunday talk shows, no interviews, no citing their opinions. Anything they have to say on the topic is demonstrable bullshit. Why pay any attention to them whatsoever?

I mean, what part of that big swath of butterscotch in the chart above is unclear?

--the BB

Heart thread - 07/06/2010

This morning's heart thread begins with an update from David@Montreal:
And heart-felt thanks for all the prayers, you beloved Giants.
Mam emerged from the post op recovery room just before 11 p.m. last evening.
Though the original plan had been local anesthetic and sedative, complications discovered resulted in her being put under general anesthetic- which no one thought to tell us about. The sedative was still wearing off when the family was ejected from the e.r. after eleven, and Mam was still in some serious pain. Today,the first heat wave of the season continues. I'll be catching busses and metro out to the West Island to catch a lift with one of my sisters up to the hospital, and there is a chance Mam will be released at the end of the day, to go stay with one of my sisters until the cast is removed. Please know, the love and prayers of you beloved Giants have been a real and very great blessing, throughout all this.

This morning, I'd once again commend dear Kirstin to that same wondrous generosity and she works her way into her first week of what is going to be a very aggressive course of treatment on her second battle with cancer.

love always-always Love


Pray for the people of Thailand.
The Thai government this morning extended a state of emergency imposed in about a third of the country during recent political protests, citing ongoing danger from anti-government groups. (Guardian)
For peace throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.

For significant movement by the human race toward alternative energy before we destroy the planet.

--the BB

Monday, July 05, 2010

Yard update

The grapes continue to ripen.

I found this beauty hiding in the back as I was watering this evening.

The peaches have gained some blush.

The retaining project viewed this morning.

And completed this evening. I will probably do some more sections elsewhere in the yard as I am pleased with the result here.

I noted on Facebook last Friday evening my hope for an enjoyable and productive weekend. My hope was not disappointed. I had the manual labor of digging and lugging, a nice hike, worship (twice) at the mother church, St Michael's, and visited with several friends. Tired and happy I prepare to do my Italian homework and retire in anticipation of a very busy day at work tomorrow.

--the BB

A Message from Maggie

Maggie, the Rose Queen of Desert Farne, asks us all to save the dolphins and all her friends in the Gulf waters.

A public service announcement brought to you by Margaret Macrina Dolphin, Belle Hippoposterous, and Bearfeathers Press.

--the BB

Fresh air

How nice to have a Monday off. Today's outing was into the Jemez Mountains and a little hike to Jemez Falls and back. Just enough to get fresh air and some exercise, wear out aging knees, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

As soon as we got out of the car the smell of evergreens and mountain soil greeted me. Having spent all my summers growing up in the yellow pine belt of the Sierra Nevada, this feels like home to me.

I do not always stop and smell the roses, though often I do. In today's situation I stopped and photographed most of the varieties of wildflower that we encountered.

L'ours en plein air

Jemez Falls

On the way back we stopped for hamburgers in Jemez Springs and, since it was a beautiful day in summer, topped it off with ice cream cones.

When it cools off a bit more I will return to the yard project.

--the BB

Sunday, July 04, 2010

You need to read this. Really.

In a world of so much suffering and fear and loneliness, you need to read Andee's post at Kirstin's blog. The title is "Surrounded by Angels." You will be strengthened by reading it.

--the BB

I'm not?

Watch until the punch line.

--the BB