Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today's report

Two friends and I schlepped tables from Canterbury to Our Saviour this morning. We also unloaded the items I had been collecting in my car (Bible, prayer books, lessons from the early church that can be read at Morning Prayer on Sundays I am not there, more coffee hour supplies, another icon . We toured and discussed, looking at things that need to happen, thinking about the near approach of Advent. Making a note of maintenance that needs to be done. And just plain cleaning. Pondering the wish list. A press release about All Saints' Day worship went out.

A top priority is a new sign. Monday we will be exploring getting a huge sign (see post below) out front. We will work on flyers, radio PSAs, etc. - the initial steps to getting the word out.

I am marshaling resources for English classes for Spanish speakers and was looking at Spanish explanations of English grammar this afternoon.

Plans are afoot for tea with the regional dean in a week so she and I can meet each other (I promised to bring the madeleines).

I also took freshly picked tomatoes (cherry and small yellow pear-shaped ones) to new neighbors moving in down the block. Nice folks.

Began re-reading Sophocles' Oedipus Rex as I ponder the production of Oedipus we saw last night.

Took not one but two mini-naps. (+Maya, please take note: a presbyter trying to heed a bishop.)

Dinner with our monthly potluck group earlier this evening. Lovely food and delightful company.

Returning now to Thebes.

--the BB

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A guy's gotta dream

This is the huge sign I want to put out front. Time to see what it would cost.

I first heard about this opportunity twelve days ago.

The outpouring of love, prayers, and support is amazing.

God has sent us a lay couple who want to see this church stay open. The husband led Morning Prayer last Sunday and cleared weeds out front today. He does prison ministry. The prisoners are now praying for us and wishing us well.

San Gabriel's congregation is willing to help us have a "miracle day," a time of sprucing up. Someone from that congregation is making burses to match our chalice veils and a fair linen.

Fellow bloggers are praying and sending wishes. They are sharing ideas. They are asking what our wish list is. One is interested in making an offering.

Friends are volunteering to serve as acolytes when they visit.

Another friend wants to underwrite ten Prayer Books and help tutor in English.

St Thomas of Canterbury is donating five used Prayer Books and tables. Another parish might have some folding chairs they could send our way and are looking into that. A friend who doesn't even do church is bringing her pickup to help schlep tables.

Amid casual conversation this evening I realized how close All Saints is. Drawing on my experience in Oakland, we will celebrate Los Días de los Muertos at the same time. I will prepare an ofrenda in the church and we hope to get out a press release to the local paper saying all are welcome to remember loved ones in community.

I can hardly wait to start English classes and offer weekly Spanish Eucharist.

And we are upheld by prayers across the nation and around the world.

Ah, the prayers. This is where God works on all our hearts and we see possibilities.

O God, who inspired your apostles in Jerusalem to pray and fast to discern your will: Send us your Spirit, that we may learn what you would have us to do and the words and witness you would have us offer, that your Kingdom may come and your power be revealed in the South Valley; to the glory of your Name. Amen.

You know, I think this is of the Spirit.

--the BB

I love a prepared Senator who won't take shit

You go, Senator Franken!

This ain't comedy any more. He's serious. And so is the issue.

--the BB

Why I love the Rude Pundit

"Facts are to Ann Coulter as coyote piss is to deer."

She really is pathetic. Rude reminds us how pathetic.

--the BB

Update on Jack

Niece Paula writes:
Home from Fresno, dad is home from hospital. Stress test didn't indicate any heart issues, so we still don't know what sent him to the hospital on Monday. Well, except that his kidneys are far worse than we thought. Thanks everyone for the thoughts, kind words, and prayers. You all are the best!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Come on in, the water's fine!

"Anglicanism: Offering personal ordinariates for disaffected Roman Catholics since 1549."
---the Rev. Jan Nunley

Lifted from a comment by Clumber at Wounded Bird

Heart Thread - 09/21/2009 - updated

I ask your prayers for my brother-in-law Jack and my sister Shirley.

Came to this rather late and saw this from my niece Paula on Facebook:
Quick trip to Fresno this noontime. Dad in the hospital with heart issues. As my grandma Hallie use to say...getting old sucks.

✜ ✜ ✜

Actually the saying was, Getting old sucks and it's not for sissies. Ended up not being heart issues, at least the blood work doesn't show that. He is in kidney failure and his white blood count is way low along with his blood platelettes. He says he feels fine this evening, but has the ugliest of headaches, no wonder after 7 nitro pills on the way to the hospital and they still have him on a nitro patch. Hoping to talk to the dr tomorrow. My mom is pretty much wheel chair bound and house bound, doesn't get out much, so i need to be here to take care of her until my dad gets home from the hospital.

✜ ✜ ✜

Dad still in the hospital. Looking into the heart issues, but he is in kidney failure. He feels fine and says he wants to come home but the drs say no -- more tests. Blood pressure is still quite high, white blood count is extremely low, as is his platelets counts.

✜ ✜ ✜

Thanks everyone. Just got back from the hospital. Blood pressure is down, still monitoring him however his kidney dr did say dialysis is in his near future. Dad doesn't like the sound of that.
UPDATE on Jack from Paula:
Dad had 2 nuclear stress test today on his heart, then a big meal full of fats and then another test around dinner time. Results tomorrow as to any heart issues.
Good note: His "bad kidney count" is down another 3/10ths so that's a total of 7/10ths since being admitted. Count is still at 2.8 which is nearly doubled what it was in Feb and in Feb his kidneys were only functioning at 22%. He looks fine and feels fine and is ready to come home and get a good nights sleep.

For Joel
I've had coffee. Mr. Witty has had cookies and a leak. Now off to take Mr. Watson for an early morning MRI to see about his thymus.... all with regard to his myesthenia gravis diagnosis and all that....[It's Margaret]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Open for business

Pieces come together, bit by bit.

St Thomas of Canterbury, the parish next to the University of New Mexico, is donating five used Prayer Books and as many tables that they are not using.

The mission church of San Gabriel hopes to help us with a "miracle day" to spiff things up.

A lay person led Morning Prayer last Sunday and is eager to see this church stay open and happen. He is going to cut down the weeds around the signs out front. We will be celebrating a birthday after Eucharist this Sunday. I picked up some more supplies at Costco after work. I can donate a couple of Prayer Books from my library, plus an icon of the Rublev Trinity and a Bible.

Someone who sews is willing to make a fair linen and some burses for us.

Lesson handouts for the next four weeks have been prepared.

I am trying to see if I can start teaching English classes on Thursday nights one week after Thanksgiving.

So many possibilities.

Keep praying, my friends. We are trying to do a church plant with almost no money and nothing but faith.

There are folks who would like to see the diocese sell the property. Pray that their hearts may be turned.

Lots going on; blogging is light this week. Dinner out tomorrow.

--the BB

Monday, October 19, 2009

Heart thread - 09/10/19

For the repose of the soul of Irene. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.
For a bit over a year my dear friend Diane has lived with an elderly lady named Irene, a gracious soul who never lost interest in life and the larger world. Today Irene left us.

For Diane and all who mourn.

For Norman, Karen, Steve, an unnamed friend, Mother Ruth, and Cany. For all affected by H1N1 and any other influenza. (Details at OCICBW)

For those with disturbed dreams and lives out of joint, for our sick society, and for those who hope and help and heal.

For those who struggle to survive and those who lose that struggle.

For those caught in adversarial situations.

For the faith communities of St. Alban's, St. Peter's, St. Aidan's, St. Cuthbert's, Santísima Trinidad, El Buen Pastor, St. Michael and All Angels, San Gabriel, and Our Saviour - all the places I have served as priest.

For the people of Sudan, Niger, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Canaan.

For those who labor for a climate treaty.

For health care reform that serves the people, not insurance companies.

For Mother Sandra, Marsha, and Mark (Mapko) in their continued healing.

For Mary Beth, and Eileen who has asked prayers for her:
Hi All…I’m crazy busy this week – commuting back and forth to a Leadership Conference in North fun fun!
However, Harl reminds me that people are still reading this blog, and have been praying for Mary Beth (for which I am most thankful/grateful), so a quick update is due.
She is doing well – they have had her up and walking around, and there is talk of her being discharged some time this week. There is still concern for sight in one of her eyes – apparently the optic nerve was involved and there does still seem to be some residual complications from this. So far her memory seems to be intact, which was also a concern.
The issues with her sight have her a bit down, but overall, things could have been much worse. Keep her in your prayers for continued recovery and to keep her spirits up. Thanks and hugs to all!
With gratitude for musicians, artists, poets, authors, dancers, storytellers, and fools for God.

--the BB

Sunday, October 18, 2009

If we have no leverage we are wasting our breath

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who is deeply involved with congressional Democrats in trying to merge the various committee proposals, also appeared to set aside the public option.

''It's not the defining piece of health care. It's whether we achieve both cost control, coverage, as well as the choice,'' Emanuel said.
--NYT (Associate Press)

Rahm, baby, it IS the defining piece of health care REFORM, and I think YOU are a big reason the overwhelming desire of the public for it is not swaying the Senate the way it should.

Have I mentioned how very sorry and disappointed I am that Obama picked you for his adviser?

--the BB

Ring around the capitol, Santa Fe

Ring around the Roundhouse;
A pocket full of rice;
Marriage Equality for everyone;
Now wouldn't that be nice??

Video by my friend Michal Anne who was there on behalf of us all.

--the BB