Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sharing a fresh prayer list from David@Montreal, prayer warrior extraordinaire:

remembering the joys and the challenges of living as the living Body of Christ i'm ask your prayers for:

young Nyland whose doctor and family are serious concerned about lymphatic swelling in the groin, this very young lad was born with immune defense issues which have kept his Mum and Dad hopping.

for E. a deeply cherished sister who is dealing with 'something not right in my body' and awaits an appointment with her doctor.

prayers for Thora C., a year shy of 90, who is having serious difficulty spiritually and medically, dealing with the increaed pain brought on by her deteriorating back.

for her grand-daughter Thea, less than a year old, with compromised kidneys, and Thea's young mum, Jennifer.
for Mark, recovering  from shoulder surgery.

for Doreen in her last months
for Jacques in his last months

for Prior Aldred, who last night received news of his mother's unexpected death.
for Beatrice, Aldred's Mum, that she may rest in peace and rise in glory.

for Rosemary:who recently celebrated her birthday, and who, tomorrow will be moving into a small, quite special longterm care facility.
for Jay, Rosemary's remarkable, generous  son

for Jon and Mary: with thanks for the news of his first day back on the job, after extensive an cancer hospitalization
for Marc

for all those living with loss: especially Susan
for those undergoing discernment: for a way forward and the means

for the people of St. Columba parish, Montreal. there church was closed last Sunday (Mam and i were present for the last service). their future is not yet discerned, and there is a lot of pain and confusion amoung the congregants.

for the people of Syria as they continue to pay such a horrendous cost for their liberation.
for the people of South Sudan

for young Montel and Aleisha, who continue to live in the toxic, chaotic environment of their father's addictions. for all those living with addiction, and those who love them.

thank-you my beloved Giants

love always-always Love

I would like to add my coworker Shawn recovering from arthroscopic surgery yesterday on his knee and my niece Jannita who has completed her radiation and chemo treatments.  May she now stay healthy for a long time!

--the BB