Saturday, January 22, 2011

Heart thread - 01/22/2011

I just received distressing news from the Rev. Pamela Cranston, Vicar of St Cuthbert's, Oakland:
The Rev. Connie Hartquist Jacobs phoned me early this morning to share the distressing news that her husband, Tom Jacobs, a valuable and faithful member of this parish, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They went to Kaiser hospital in Fresno last night and after extensive tests, he was diagnosed early this morning. Apparently, Tom has a very large mass on his bile duct. She [said] they would be learning more about his case as the doctors do more tests.

Please keep Tom and Connie in your fervent prayers at this time.

Deacon Connie was a dear friend all through my journey in the Diocese of California and I got to witness some of the twists and turns of her own journey. She and Tom found each other and their wedding was a cause of great joy to many. They recently retired and had a new home built in the California foothills and begun to enjoy it. Now this.

Conclusion of A Lindisfarne Litany

Most High and Glorious,
Lowly and Generous,
Sweet God,
Strong and Swift to Save,

By your joy in making all things,
By your passion in saving all things,
By your grace in keeping all things,

Hear the prayers of your servant,
Give ear to the prayers of your friends,
Hearken to the voice of those who love you,
And show mercy to those who know not your love;

Fashion anew your Image in us,
Keep us by your tender love,
Save us and guide us safely home;

For your own sake, Who pity mortal flesh,
For your own dear sake, Who took our mortal flesh,
For your mercy's sake, Who are the Life of mortal flesh,

Holy and Glorious, Gracious Three,
Save us and guide us safely home,
Save us and guide us safely home.

(Litany (c) by me)
--the BB