Saturday, February 26, 2011

A garden update

Yes, it has been forever since I have talked about the garden. Well, in winter there is nothing to talk about. It is all brown and bare.

I did, however, plant about 700 bulbs last fall and hope to see some results. We have an early report.

Today I did some overdue pulling of dead stuff and I severely trimmed the French lavender and cooking sage bushes. Pretty much back to the ground. They did not weather the freezes of this winter as well as prior years and I confess to not keeping them as watered as I had in the past. They are hardy though. I filled two bags with detritus and then watered the yard.

Here are some tulips sticking out their little noses.

And here are the first daffodils of spring, in time for St Dewi's Day on March 1. They are small but bright and joyful.

And that's the news from Desert Farne.

--the BB