Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Heart thread - 02/01/2011

Some of this evening's prayers are running behind schedule but the human heart and divine activity are not limited by schedules.

At Facebook I had asked prayers for Nate. He is suddenly single, has been out of work for a while, and struggles with depression. He feels lost but he knows you lot will be praying for him.

I ask your prayers for Kathy who is looking for work. And Jonathan and so many other online friends who need recompensed employment.

I ask your prayers for my sister Shirley and her husband Jack. They are the ones in the car accident last week. The newest news from late last night:
Shirley had a upper GI today and her heart acted up, raced then slowed, so they admitted her.

She is not doing well physically or emotionally right now.

For Olga and Regina and for Mark and Fran.

For Bill as he travels in California this week.

For all endangered by weather, throughout the world. Winter storms over half the United States, a Cyclone Yasi threatening Queensland, the eruption of Shinmoe Peak in Japan, and all the other life-threatening events. I think now especially of those who lack shelter, food, or warmth.

For IT, whose father died last night, for her mother and for BP and all touched by sorrow.

David@Montreal sent this request last Friday:
beloved Giants
i'd ask your prayers please for my cherished cousin Frank out in Brittish Columbia struggling with the effects of his long fight with lukemia.
dear Mam received a call from Carol this afternoon, and in the process also got to speak to Frank for a very short while.
able to control the spread of the fungus in his lungs, but unable to beat it with his immune system so seriously compromised by the most recent gene therapy transfer, they have sent him home from the hospital. not fully mobile, my cousin is a robust fellow and Carol is going to have to get help for handling him.apparently he spends much of the time sleeping at present.
as he is still intubated there will be medical staff going in daily to maintain it, and Frank will be returning to the hospital weekly for as long as he is able.
so i'd ask your prayers for both Frank and Carol, knowing that through the unfailing grace of that 'Love beyond our wildest imagining' they will be given what they need.

i'd also ask your prayer for dear Mam, his godmother, who at eighty-nine is finding it challenging, the possibility that her beloved godson/nephew could be dying before her.

in other quarters, i'd ask your prayers for the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Sanaa; that they indeed are able to claim that 'life more abundantly'. prayers particularly please for our Coptic brothers and sisters in Egypt- for their protection and safety. prayers please for the repose of David Kato, the gay Ugandan martyr, and for our LGBT brothers and sisters at risk wherever they might be.

prayers for the Great +Katherine and her brother primates in Dublin. prayers for Gabby and Mark and for all those struggling to heal in Tucson.

thank-you beloveds

love always-always Love

We also pray for the people of Egypt as the world focuses on the protests and the calls for reform there. We also pray for the people of Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, and Syria. For the people of Southern Sudan as they work toward independence following the election.

For Nelson Mandela.

--the BB