Monday, August 08, 2011

Heart thread - 08/08/2011

David@Montreal has some prayer requests for us.

dear Giants
in the generosity of your gracious hearts i'd ask prayers this morning for my cherished cousin Frank, his wife Carol and their family
Frank was re-admitted to hospital this past week-end: barely able to walk, yet incredibly he walked from the car into the emerg..
at first it was believed he had c-difficile again, but it is something new going on, along with MAC, a fungal infection in the lungs.
Carol called Mam late yesterday & it would appear that after a rather extraordinary life my dear cousin might be living through his very last days

prayers also for his latest grandchildren please, born less than a week ago: Katherine and Charlotte- both still in the icu: Charlotte with kidney and oxygen level issues.

prayers for the people of Syria who continue to be assaulted daily by the madman who claims leadership of their country. one for the international students who worked for me at the university is apparently still in the country with her parents.

prayers for President Obama (enough said)

and prayers please for the several Giants, each in their own way undergoing serious trails or discernment at this time ( you know who you are).

thank-you beloved Giants

And let us remember David who faithfully carries so many in his heart.

--the BB

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cena italiana #2

One of the current learnings is that I love to feed people. Now, this is not news. It is something that goes way back to my college years. I worked in kitchens in the summer, cooked now and again while in college, asked cooks lots of questions.

Bill and I entertained a lot and enjoyed doing it together. I loved ironing linens while he was working on sauces.

Doing it on one's own is another story. Since I work full time and I'm a lousy housekeeper, tidying up for company, planning, shopping, organizing, and cooking is much harder now. I really needed the several years I lived as a "hermit" but it is a huge shift to start entertaining. Nonetheless, I was determined this would be the year and I do want to learn the techniques of Italian cuisine.

So tonight was Italian Dinner Number Two. I only decided late Wednesday night to do it.

There is psychological significance to my entertaining with dishes and table linens that I did not use when I was part of a couple. Branching out on my own in a fresh way.

Here is the table with lots of black and gold.

Antipasto included goat cheese mixed with roasted garlic, green chiles, olive oil, salt and pepper. This could be spread on thin hard slices of French bread. Some guests also brought a corn salsa that was very tasty, full of fire and tang, and that was yummy on the bread also. There were kalamata olives, all washed down with pinot grigio and/or blood orange soda.

Primi, for which I have no photo, consisted of whole wheat fusilli (made in Italy) in a sauce of olive oil, butter, chile flakes, roasted red pepper, and parmigiano reggiano. I was going to make homemade egg noodles but, once again, punted. Today I went to church, shopped, and went to brunch instead of staying in the kitchen all day.

Segondi included veal scallopine in a Marsala and cream sauce, wilted spinach with roasted garlic, and grape tomatoes halved and sauteed in butter and balsamic vinegar. I got to practice the technique of pounding meat (clean up your minds, you naughty chipmunks!) as described by Marcella Hazan.

Dolci: egg custard gelato with fresh blueberries. The gelato was flavored with orange zest simmered in the milk and with Grand Marnier.

And that was Sunday Dinner. Hope you enjoyed it.

Oh, we toasted those who wished they were here with us. Y'all may not have been fed but you were not forgotten.

Ci vediamo!

--the BB