Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chapter 40 done

As Č. looked over the names, O. knelt before her. V. watched his wife’s eyes begin to flood. She inhaled deeply and let the air out slowly then looked at the kneeling youth. “Oh, O.,” she said, lacking further words.

“Your Magnificence, I give you my free allegiance,” he said.

“Please, O., don’t call me that. Not yet. It is my niece’s title for now. But I thank you. I fear I shall need all the loyal friends I can find.”

She took his hands and urged him to rise. The anguish in O’s eyes were like a knife to the heart.

I beg you, save our land,” he pleaded.

Č., only a year older than O., caressed his cheek as a mother would. She thought of the babe torn apart in her dreams and fleetingly imagined all the young Os of F., the children, the babies that would fall in war.
This is all first draft, of course. I don't polish phrases, I tell the tale, then go back and read and tweak. This scene got me soppy today.

And now, to bed.

Sweet dreams, my curious cassowaries!
--the BB

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