Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yesterday in Bill's garden

A welcoming scene

Swiss chard with glorious red ribs

The strawberry patch (with garlic chives at the far end)

Potatoes down the center, garlic on the right

Corn, beets, broccoli, and numerous other goodies with peppers and asparagus in the background

OK, my botanists, mallow or cranesbill? (I know, I should have shot the leaves too, but I was focused on the blossoms.)

I believe this flower is shouting, "Look at me!"

Lovely blossoms

I like this variety of cosmos. We used to have three kinds of cosmos in our yard in El Cerrito, the usual, this, and chocolate. Oh yes!

A crabapple

I love being able to see and visit a more rural life nearby, even if I am a city boy. My dad grew up on a farm. I don't want to live a rural life, just be able to see and visit it. LOL

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The wonders of Creation!

David said...

WOW what an incredible garden Bill has.
For this northern boy, your garden pics are always a virtual feast Paul. Especially when there are plants and varieties which we don't have up here.
here in Montreal, it's finally a clear snny day, after too many cloudy rainy ones which have everything is super-grow and green!


Paul said...

He does have an amazing yard. Lots of yard and he's retired so he spends lots of time gardening. I love sitting in the walled garden, listening to the fountain, enjoying the cottonwood trees and the flowering plants, and general respite. Dining on produce from the vegetable garden is also a treat. He and I are both trying to raise fruit trees, which is a hit-or-miss operation.

Many things we used to grow in California we cannot grow here but there are many things we can grow here without the challenges we had there (such as tomatoes and roses in a fog zone).

I like sharing the photos because it opens the delights of my life for others.