Monday, June 15, 2009

Tonight's stint in the yard

No new photos today but when I came home from work I planted the bower vine in the corner where the clematis perished. I did serious soil amending so that good soil is really good soil for this one to survive and it has a bigger well to hold water (and lots of cedar bark mulch on top).

I also planted a French lavender where one of the bare root roses had done zilch. I am hoping that two years from now it will look like the one at the other end of the yard. I so love lavender bushes! In my mind they complement roses beautifully.

Finally I planted a pepper that I bought from a rack with cherry peppers (the kind that become cacabel chiles). But when I planted it I saw that it has a tag as a green bell. Sigh. Someone must have moved it. I don't eat green bell peppers because they disagree with me, big time. If this is what this one turns out to be I shall let the peppers ripen on the vine to a nice red when they are ripe and digestible.

I watered some of the frailer items and called it quits for this evening. I still need to plant the two new blue penstemons. Some time this week for sure.

And that's the news from the garden at Desert Farne.

--the BB

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