Sunday, June 14, 2009

Homage to The Cunning Runt

Dinner at Desert Farne

Cheese and prosciutto tortelloni sauced with olive oil, butter, hot pepper flakes, thyme, roasted red peppers, freshly shelled English peas (from the Growers' Market in Corrales this morning), and lots of asiago cheese.

Blueberry crisp topped with a mix of cream cheese, whipping cream, lemon zest, powdered sugar, almond extract, and vanilla.

Note: I do not cook for myself very often. When I get home I am too lazy, too unrespecting of myself, and too disinclined to cook for one. Hence, many an evening it is cheese and crackers, or a can of mandarin oranges with tapioca from Costco, or nothing at all. For me to cook a two-course meal just for me is highly unusual.

And it was lovely.

The Cunning Runt does lovely, tantalizing photos with description of his dinners, though it has been a while.

--the BB
This is also reported on Facebook. (How the not-exactly-mighty have fallen!)

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The Cunning Runt said...

This looks marvelous, Paul - and it includes many of my favorite ingredients! I might have to quit slackin' and post some upcoming dinners.

I too have been disinclined to get Fancy for One, and my 'puterbox is again choking under the weight of my photos, so even when I do cook I haven't been taking pix of it (last night was lobster raviolis with sauteed veggies, f'rinstance, but it went in my belly without first gracing the page.)

Thanks for the link, as I had indeed missed this!