Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Integrity Eucharist this Saturday, Mancos, CO

Susankay sends a note to all in this part of the world:
Paul -- I would like to ask you to tell your readers that Integrity of the Four Corners is to have a Eucharist at St Paul's in Mancos Colorado on Saturday, June 20 at 4pm. Typical coffee and cookies in the Parish Hall after the service and an available adjournment to the local bar/restaurant for additional talk, sharing and caring.

love to all, susankay
I checked the national church online directory for the address:
479 Bauer St.
Mancos, CO 81328-0226

And here's a little map thingy for y'all:

Donkey's years ago I was active in Integrity, Los Angeles. I remember when we met at St Stephen's, Hollywood, and at St John's @ Adams and Flower. I was part of the altar guild, which is why I appreciate those who serve on altar guilds and always try to say thank you to them. I also hand sewed the first banner for L.A. Integrity, with the Lamb of God worked in French knots. Some of those stitches were done in what is now the Sanctuary in San Francisco (let the reader understand). I remember us marching in the Pride Parade with that banner (the first of three times I have marched in such parades, the most recent being last Saturday here in Albuquerque).

That's just a little bit of personal history.

--the BB

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susankay said...

Paul -- as I said in my e-mail: Thank you so very much. I'll now add a suggestion that people check out Susan Russell's blog http://www.inchatatime.blogspot.com/

(sorry don't know how to do hyperlinks) for more knews from the Four Corners.

Blessings Be.