Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The princess who would not rule - updated

“I was given this when my cousin F. visited this morning. Evidently it took great effort for him to bring it to T. He traveled in disguise by roundabout means and has sought refuge under the duke’s protection. It seems to be of great importance.”

Here he handed Č. a package wrapped in old silk and tied with ribbons. The princess untied it to find a parchment folded and sealed. On the front someone had drawn a shield. The field was red and a narrow gold fess ran down the middle. On the dexter side was the Black Lion of F. and on the sinister half the Raven of H. Č’s heart sank. It was meant for her and she did not welcome the item sitting atop the shield. It was a crude but clear sketch of her father’s crown.
"Was this in Caesar ambition?"

Ah, my little dumplings, why do I do such awful things to a character of whom I am so fond?

Stories take on a life of their own, and carry with them their own necessities. The young princess must follow the path the stars ask of her - because if she didn't I wouldn't have a tale to tell. It's that simple. LOL

There was a business dinner after work, so I am up way past my bedtime, which is its own suckitude.

Sweet dreams!

Note to heraldry buffs: In the parallel world heraldry does not always follow our rules of tincture. The two royal houses here are notable examples.
--the BB


Jane R said...

Suspense! (Not the suckitude, the fiction.)

Paul said...

Suspense, indeed, Jane. Though I know how it ends and some of the steps to get there, most of the details are completely unknown to me at this point. So there will be happy and sad surprises for me too.

I love seeing which characters take on a new life of their own. In the proofreading I noticed a couple with potential for development.