Tuesday, September 08, 2009

And the horse you rode in on, Clarence! - updated

Sen. Chambliss: Obama Better Show 'Humility' In Speech To Congress

What a miserable little troll. He is one truly disgusting human being (this is a gunnysack rantlet for all the shit he's uttered in his sick, twisted career).

Clarence is his first name, btw.

The following tidbit is from Wikipedia.
In 2008, he was named one of 10 worst congressmen by Esquire Magazine, which described the competition as "staggering."
Click on Wikipedia above to read about the 2002 race, a low point in American politics.

This is the man lecturing the President on humility.

As for health care, Clarence is a bit sloppy. Check out the crap he tried to pull on August 12. As Bernita writes at Blog for Democracy:
As long as Saxby follows the Republican talking points he will continue his mission of misinforming Georgia voters who voted for him to be their voice in government. I am so not shocked - Saxby reaps a lot from his friends in the health care industry. He will take care of their interests before Georgia voters. Saxby on Health Care Reform. Epic Fail.

--the BB

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