Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I replied to my Congressman's letter. - Updated

Here is part of what he said:
Most significantly, I hosted a Health Care Town Hall meeting on Aug. 22nd. A thousand constituents attended the meeting and many more watched online. This forum, along with one-on-one conversations with voters across the district, highlighted that the single most important topic on people’s minds is health care. You can watch the forum online by clicking here.

I believe the time to reform our health insurance system is now.

Today, I’m heading back to Washington to fight even harder for health care reform that:

• Guarantees choice in health insurance – including a robust public option;
• Covers all Americans to control health care costs; and
• Ends immoral practices such as denying patients coverage due to pre-existing conditions or dropping your coverage when you get sick.
[My coverage of the town hall meeting is here.]

I responded to his campaign staff first (a chap I know from church). The critical lines:
Anyway, I want to thank Martin for the stance he takes in the e-mail that just went out. I like what I read.

I would LOVE for him to join those pledging no public option = no vote. Any chance he can go that far?
This is what I wrote to his formal congressional site:

Dear Congressman Heinrich:

I appreciate what I read in the e-mail you sent out today. I am glad you are fighting for us in Washington.

I especially, and vigorously, support you in pushing for a strong public option in health care.

May I ask if you will join the Progressive Caucus in pledging not to vote for a bill that lacks a strong public option?

I realize this is a lot to ask someone from NM01 but it is what I very much want to see.

Again, my thanks for your service.
Y'all cannot imagine how glad I am we elected him to replace Bush-enabling Heather Wilson. Martin is the first Dem to represent NM01. Some of you will remember me touting my "homeboy" back during the election season last year.

Today is the day Jane R is urging us all to write to our elected officials about health care. I hope you have done or will do before the evening is over.

1 down, 2 to go.

Martin has an August 9 op-ed piece at the Albuquerque Journal.
--the BB


it's margaret said...

Bless you for this. I wrote mine too --but hardly so well.

Paul said...

Hooray for you, Margaret.

I find my own letters to politicians pedestrian in style and sometimes bordering on incivility - I get passionate. I believe I told President Obama not to wuss out on us or words very close to that.

The great thing is that you wrote!