Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Former VP of Public Policy and External Affairs at WellPoint authors Max Baucus' health care plan

I know, you're shocked.

Anyway, now we know.

Read about it here.
All this time I've been calling Max Tax health care Max Baucus' health care plan.

But, as William Ockham points out, it's actually Liz Fowler's health care plan (if you open the document and look under document properties, it lists her as author). At one level, it's not surprising that Bad Max's Senior Counsel would have authored the Max Tax plan.


What neither Politico nor Bad Max himself want you to know, though, is that in the two years before she came back to the Senate to help Max craft the Max Tax plan, she worked as VP for Public Policy and External Affairs at WellPoint.
Thank you William Ockham and Marcy Wheeler!

Marcy also discusses the evil incentives in the Max Tax plan.

It's really bad. And being touted.

I am learning to loathe Max Baucus and he was to me just a vague name a year ago.

Cue the chorus of priests in Jesus Christ Superstar: "he is dangerous."
--the BB

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