Friday, September 11, 2009

Heart thread - 09/11/2009 - updated

I came home this evening to a note from Mother Rhonda asking our prayers for Mother Sandra and her niece's family:
Dear All,

I just talked with Mother Sandra, and she is at Presbyterian Hospital on the westside being evaluated for surgery. If the doctors agree to go ahead with the surgery, she will be moved to Presbyterian downtown for the procedure. Cheri and Fr. Brian Winter are with her now, and I will go to wherever she is this evening. She fell at home on Wednesday, and the situation has gotten worse since then. She asked for our prayers . . . and I do not have the e-list of the Intercessory Prayer Guild that she keeps. Therefore, will you please send this request to any others you can think of....

In addition, Mother Sandra's niece, Hilary, lost her baby yesterday. Mother Sandra said they are aware of our prayers and ask you to continue to offer them for that dear family at this time of loss.

May the grace, wisdom, and peace of God surround Mother Sandra, her niece's family, and all those who love and care for them.

I will update you as I know more.

In Christ,
Dear Friends in Christ,

Mother Sandra is being well-cared-for and, in her words, "feeling safe" with the care she is receiving. She is in Intensive Care receiving antiobiotics for a severe infection, which had weakened her and was the cause for the fall earlier in the week. No surgery is scheduled after all. Her nephew Christopher is flying in from Fort Worth this morning, and, as you know, she adores him and is delighted he will be here.

For this weekend, she has several close friends and clergy who are doing "shifts" to be sure she and Christopher are not alone. And, as you would expect, she asked me to tell you that she feels your prayers and asks that you continue them -- but, please, no visitors or calls at this time.

If here is any change, I will let you know as soon as possible.

May our Savior's healing power and love abundantly embrace Mother Sandra now and always.

In Him,

--the BB


David said...

Prayer offered for both Mother Sandra and Hillary and her familt.

I remember your wonderful photos of Mother Sandra's retirement Eucharist, so there were real tears here when I heard of her fall.

Thank-you Paul for sharing this


Paul said...

Thank you for your prayers.