Sunday, September 06, 2009

My usual sources are not available - upated

This Week with George Stephanopoulos notes the passings of conductor Erich Kunzel, former Reagan adviser Beryl Sprinkel, retailer Nancy Talbot and former Congressman W.G. Hefner. In addition, the Pentagon released the names of 11 servicemembers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army SPC Abraham S Wheeler III, 22, of Columbia, SC
Army SSG Jason S Dahlke, 29, of Orlando, FL
Army PFC Eric W Hario, 19, of Monroe, MI
Marine LCpl David R Hall, 31, of Elyria, OH
Army SPC Jonathan D Welch, 19, of Yorba Linda, CA
Army PFC Jordan M Brochu, 20, of Cumberland, ME
Army SPC Tyler R Walshe, 21, of Shasta, CA
Army SSG Todd W Selge, 25, of Burnsville, MN
Army SPC Jordan M Shay, 22, of Salisbury, MA
Navy PO3 Benjamin P Castiglione, 21, of Howell, MI
Marine LCpl Christopher S Baltazar Jr, 19, of San Antonio, TX

Normally, I give the number of total allied servicemembers killed as tallied by, one of the few organizations dedicated to not forgetting the sacrifices by our military. However,'s servers have crashed and they are seeking donations to defray the cost of new equipment. Iraq Body Count lists 69 Iraqi civilian deaths for this week; 537 deaths (including 21 children) for the entire month of August.

--Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars

Update: I added the link for donations. I just gave because I have used them ever since I began tracking the number of US military casualties and I am grateful to icaualties for their service - and for the prayers that so many of you have offered for the fallen and their families.

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