Monday, September 07, 2009

Finding common cause

The Count of Šork and the Baron of Nurvat are both loyal to the principality, but each in his own way. Šork is a Regent and his three-year-old granddaughter is the presumptive heir to the throne. He has no way of knowing that his daughter has been murdered and his granddaughter is missing. Nurvat supports the claimant from the eastern valley.

Their forces meet, unexpectedly. Both are there to prevent the claimant from the northern plains from capturing the capital and taking the throne. A far larger force is engaged with the northerners at the moment. What shall these two do?

Join forces against the northerners, of course. I suddenly thought of shifting alliances on the globe... and the game of Risk.

The unlikely allies ride downriver to capture the ford and cut the northerners off. I pass over that clash with few words. There is violence enough in this war; I don't have to describe all of it.

So, a little bit of progress in telling the tale this weekend. One chapter ended and another begun. I will take it. I am tired.

Methinks a mere 400mg of ibuprofen will suffice for tonight, along with the antibiotic to clean up after that abscess. Back to work tomorrow.

I hope you all had a good, and safe, Labor Day weekend.

Sweet dreams, my rasty ridgebacks!

--the BB

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