Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fired up?

I am definitely fired up over health care, as you can tell by this evening's posts, and not a few leading up to them.

I am fired up over the shift toward autumn. I know it's technically almost two weeks away, but existentially it has clearly begun. The days and nights are cooler, leaves are beginning to fall.

I am fired up over the turning points in the war I narrate. Two really big events in one fictional day: it is D-Day in the battle for the Lion Throne.

These siblings are the arch-villains of my book. Their raw lust for power really drives the tale's action. She is like a Lady Macbeth only egging on a brother instead of a husband. I have been waiting a long time to send her to Ušni's hall.
P’s unconscious form had been quickly lashed to her steed so she was semi-upright, which kept her from drowning as the warhorses negotiated the river. T. held the lead and begged the stars to save her.
There will be lamentation on both sides of the river this night.

Sweet dreams, my gallivanting goldfinches!

--the BB

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