Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heart thread - 09/20/2009

My grandnephew BJ and his wife are new parents of a girl names Makayla Hallie. Hallie was my mother's name and BJ was born on mother's birthday.

Mother Sandra continues to improve but her healing will take quite a while.

MP let us know that today is the 23rd wedding anniversary of TheMeThatIsMe and Petty Witter. TheMe has a wonderful comment by Robert Farrar Capon on marriage at Conscientisation.
To be born, to love a woman, to cry at music, to catch a cold, to die – these are not excursions on the narrow road of logic; they are blind launchings on a trackless sea.

And the lovely bride writes eloquently at Pen and Paper.
...I can still honestly say that Neal is the man I love, my rock, the person I look to before all others, the person I feel safest with, the person to whom I'd trust my life and, just as importantly, the person who I know loves me because of/despite me being me.
[I love mush. Much happiness to them in the years ahead.]

Mimi's gone and wrenched her ankle but that is not stopping her from celebrating "four birthdays and the one anniversary that fall in September." One of those birthdays is Mimi's.
Happy Birthday, Grandmère. We loves ya!
My sister Shirley has days when she can keep nothing down.

We continue prayers for Myron and for Roseann, for Elizabeth's brother John, and for so many on our hearts.

Welcome back, Jonathan. I miss you when you're out and about.

In another week I see the dentist for more of the needed fillings. What distresses me is that I still feel pressure tenderness on the tooth with a crown that just had its SECOND root canal. And guess what I just read in my mail? Cigna denied any payment because it is a "duplicate procedure." I will try to fight it but looks like I am out $1000. Imagine my joy.

Pray for civilized health care in this barbarian nation.

--the BB


Petty Witter said...

'The lovely bride' says thanks for that Paul.

susan s. said...

Prayers for all in need.
And you and your tooth! How long ago did you have that root canal? They can take a while to settle down. I know how that feels.

Paul said...

No, no, PW, I thank you. LOL.

The most recent visit to the tooth was 9/3. We are only talking a slight tenderness but it makes me anxious.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Thank you, mon cher Paul.

Prayers for all, and for your tooth. I thought that once a root canal was done, it was done forever. Live and learn.