Monday, September 21, 2009

It's here

The spring winds scour the landscape of New Mexico and I can hardly wait for them to be over. Life in a sandstorm, even a minor one, is not much fun.

Now we have the autumn winds. They are not as fierce but the night before last I could feel my house being hit by gusts and hear the wind whipping about. Each evening as I leave work I feel them blow. Leaves have begun to turn, though the trees are still mostly green. The wind knocks the leaves off branches and sends them scuttling along the ground.

I love autumn. It is a season when the blood quickens after summer's lethargy.

A blessed autumn to all in the northern hemisphere, and a blessed spring to our friends on the other side of the equator.

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

I love autumn. It is a season when the blood quickens after summer's lethargy.

It is that, but I always feel a little sad in autumn because it ushers in winter, the season of dying.

Paul said...

Or we can view winter as the time of sleeping, or of cleansing (stripped and bare) to prepare for what is new. I also enjoy winter here when everything is in shades of brown, tan, taupe, and gray. (OK, except for my back yard when I long to see green again).

gerry said...

A Blessed Autumn indeed.

Living in upstate New York, we are blessed with very distinct seasons, but Autumn is by far and away my all time favorite.

The trees and changing, the nights are cooling, fog is settling into the river valleys.

Soon the snows will be coming and the XC skis and downhill skis will be coming out of storage. Along with the boots, mufflers, mittens and earmuffs...

Sing Deo Gratias!!!

Paul said...

LOL, I'm glad we get snow in ABQ at the rate of a few inches max. But that's the spirit, Gerry, and welcome.

MadPriest said...

I thank you, on behalf of the people of the northern hemisphere, for your righteous celebration of the Orthodox first day of Autumn. In England, the revisionists have led many astray with their lies about Autumn starting on the 1st. September and have brought shame upon my once proud country. Knowing that there are still good people like yourself out there, who hold to the seasons once delivered to the saints, gives me the strength to continue the fight against the meteorological oppressor.

Brian R said...

I also love autumn and prefer it to spring. We have just had the dust storm of the century here, blanketing the city and although the dust has gone out to sea and onto NZ the winds at the moment are some of the strongest I have ever experienced at my home.

Paul said...


Paul said...

I must confess that by the first of September we in ABQ could feel a shift in nature and casually said that fall was here. But I am a traditionalist. We cannot go moving equinoxes around as though the universe were subject to our will.

Carry on, Mad One!