Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama Administration and state secrets

I am not at all pleased with several things under the Obama administration. One is their reluctance to let go of the executive power accumulated under Dick Cheney.... And wasn't that his intention: to restore executive power and take it further than ever before so it could never be undone?

You may read three articles from emptywheel today on the topic of state secrets and the administration's policy (or continuation of Bush's policy):

Obama’s New State Secrets Policy Is Reaffirmation Of Bush’s Policy
by bmaz

More on Holder’s “New” State Secrets Policy by emptywheel

“New” State Secrets Policy “Smoke and Mirrors” also by emptywheel

The concept of state secrets is legitimate but it must have very careful constraints put upon it in order to preserve checks and balances, transparency, and accountability in government. Tyranny of every form is to be opposed.

--the BB


Diane said...

I am mad about this.

this argument made during Bush, when people blithely went along with what was done: you aren't going to like it when the other party gets in power.

It seems like they thought it would be ok because from now on, only Republicans would be president.

I'm watching carefully.

My right-wing uncle is certain that Obama is going to lead us into some sort of brown-shirt thing.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Amen and amen!