Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heart thread - Wednesday 2/27/2008 - updated

My friend John has requested prayer for his brother:
Roger (59) was admitted to a Hospital in Mission Viejo, CA for treatment of three blood clots, one in each lung and one large one in his leg.
Overnight I have manifested the early signs of a chest cold. Doing the full vitamins, fluid, rest thing but would love to shake it quickly. (Did Kirstin send me a virus in e-mail? Nah, she's a good kid in spite of the company she keeps.)

Thanks, gang.

Sometimes we don't get our prayers in on time. But have you ever needed prayer in a crisis and then NOT needed prayer afterwards? Of course not.

So let's send some love to Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein and Eileen. Dr. Monkey, a chum of Fran's, is a good atheist and I don't foist prayers on those who'd rather not have them. I don't think he objects to love and positive thoughts, though, even if some of us think that doesn't differ much, if at all, from prayer. He writes a fascinating post of his whole adventure. And we just all loves us some Eileen and wish her the peace and wisdom and strength she needs and love and light and blessings for her whole family.
--the BB


Kirstin said...

[smiling sweetly]

The "company I keep" being viruses, or reprobates?

You know most of the same tricks I know; here's a new one: Run the shower as hot as you can stand it. Sip a glass of ice water. Somehow the cold and steam together, open up your airway.

Sounds weird, but it works. You might also try Zicam. I've never used it, but the Bishop of Louisiana (who was sick when he came to check on me) swears by the stuff.

Hugs, prayers, and love.

Paul said...

The reprobates, definitely. I only know of a few of your friends, of course, but the ones I do know of all sound like questionable characters to me (moi-self included).

Kirstin said...

Aw, the wickedness is only grin-deep. :-)

Paul said...

I doubt the prophet Jeremiah (17:9, KJV) would concur.

Kirstin said...

Hmm. Genesis 1:31.

We cast ourselves as outsiders and troublemakers, more than we actually are.

Paul said...

"Nondum considerasti quantum sit pondus peccati tui,"as my biblical theology prof liked to remind me when I got all Abelardian. [No, I have no intention of making this easy and translating for you, though I will tell you it's Anselm.]

Kirstin said...

Plugged it into an online translator, which is still working ten minutes later. Something like, "nothing is heavier than your sin?"

Jane R said...

And some people on other blogs think we don't do theology. Ha!

(Or maybe they think we are all Abelardians. Which some might be... ;-))

Paul said...

Jane dear, I was an Abelardian before I knew anything of his theology. Raised on too much Anselm and still recoiling from it. But I am grateful to Dave Wallace for reminding me to consider things from more than one side. [Must have made an impression: I quote that from memory.]

FranIAm said...

Abelardians! ROFLMAO!!! I so totally love you guys.

You are kind to both note Dr. Monkey and to state clearly his desire to not have prayers that he did not ask for foisted upon him. That said - positive and good thoughts filled with light and love, well that is cool. He is a good man and an early friend of my blog; he is like my bloggy big brother and I adore him.

He actually writes so poignantly and beautifully about his life - past and present. I am always moved by his accounts of his growing up and how that has shaped him.

Prayers for one and all - healing and hope.

Hope you are feeling better- you have some spicy food to deal with and lots of people this weekend!

Eileen said...

Thanks Paul! ((((((Paul)))))

It goes without saying that you are a mensch!