Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'Thousands of Aliens' in U.S. Flight Schools Illegally

When you put people who don't believe government works in charge of government, they prove themselves right. This is why, from Reagan forward, modern so-called conservatism is a really bad idea. They came in to dismantle government and they have succeeded admirably.

What brought on this rantlet? Read on.
Thousands of foreign student pilots have been able to enroll and obtain pilot licenses from U.S. flight schools, despite tough laws passed in the wake of the 9/ll attacks, according to internal government documents obtained by ABC News.

"Some of the very same conditions that allowed the 9-11 tragedy to happen in the first place are still very much in existence today," wrote one regional security official to his boss at the TSA, the Transportation Security Administration.

"Thousands of aliens, some of whom may very well pose a threat to this country, are taking flight lessons, being granted FAA certifications and are flying planes," wrote the TSA official, Richard A. Horn, in 2005, complaining that the students did not have the proper visas.
You can read the whole thing at ABC News. I took the header from them also.

That George W. Bush sure has done a bang-up job making us safer.

h/t John Aravosis at Americablog
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