Sunday, November 30, 2008

Abandoning tradition on behalf of the Earth

I did something today that I have thought about for a couple of years but would never have imagined myself doing a decade ago.

I bought an artificial Christmas tree.

When I moved into Desert Farne (my then-new home in Albuquerque) I bought a tree for my first Christmas, even though I threw no parties and only I enjoyed it. It was an important thing to do in my new digs. But I felt guilty. I want the reality of treeness, not some phony contraption, yet I don't like the wastage of tree slaughter entailed in Yule traditions. Not when the forests of the earth are being destroyed at an alarming rate and the lungs of the planet are diminished. Not to mention the use it briefly and toss it approach.

I know, I could have a living tree that is potted but I don't want to struggle to keep one alive.

Fortunately, artificial trees have gotten better and better. I was very impressed with the realistic look of the floor model equivalent to the one I bought.

Have not put it up yet, though the wreath made by my sweet neighbor Neomia now hangs on the front door.

It won't be the same. But the kids and I shall forge ahead and sing "Tanya Baum" to her nonetheless. [All my Christmas trees have been named Tanya, of course.]

Blessed Advent, y'all.
--the BB


susan s. said...

What is the 'breed' of your tree? I have seen several at CostCo that look lovely, but they are all pre-lighted. What would I do with my bubble lights in that case? It has been years since I have had a tree up in the house. Even before I had Cancer and Chemo, etc. I didn't have the energy to do all that. But I have been thinking lately about having a tree this year.

David said...

Blessed Advent to you too Paul


Paul said...

Susanita, it is allegedly a Colorado spruce and both pre-lit and fabrique en chine. GE label on it and marketed through some New Jersey Christmas company. It will remain in the box at least until next weekend. I need to bake the cookies to hang on it.

In my family we usually waited until mother's birthday, December 19, before putting up a tree. Some years I have waited until Christmas Eve - to do it right. I never take them down before Epiphany.