Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm in love

Made you look!

[I know, childish. But I couldn't resist.]

In love with creation.

And this place.

Here are photos I took walking to and from lunch today.

The Sandias


Tree with split personality

Velvet ash leaf
(from the tree pictured above)

The World Ash is a great theme of northern European mythology. The Ash is also a figure in my fiction, one of the deities (they are not all anthropomorphic). Woodworkers bear a tattoo of this leaf pattern. My young hero of the first books in the series gets one to proclaim his commitment and devotion to his trade. I am somehow drawn to, or feel something about, ash trees since my home town - Fresno - is named for the Modesto ash that grows in the region (or grew before it was all urbanized).
--the BB

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