Friday, December 05, 2008

Local color

Epiphany 2006 - Pinole, California

Fernandes Creek

Pollarded Tree

Rose Hips

Just more nostalgia photos.

I don't really feel homesick for California and the recent visit reinforced that we are both glad to be living in New Mexico now. I still love my native state and all the gifts and beauty it gave me.

Speaking of place - with the exception of three weekend days I had eaten green chile every day since returning to New Mexico. With today's frozen meal for lunch I thought I had broken the pattern - but there were bits of jalapeƱo in the relish on the turkey.

I plan to bake bread for a potluck tomorrow. Hmmm, perhaps a cheese and green chile bread? Perhaps.

Last night, on the way home from work, I stopped at the gym for my first workout in about five years. Long overdue. Had I kept up gym workouts I would assuredly be healthier and probably would not have the shoulder and knee problems I have. I rode the exercise bike for half an hour, during the course of which I read two Hemingway short stories, then moved on to pump a bit of iron. I do low weights and very slow controlled movements. Last night, trying not to overdo on the first round, I only did a few exercises with very, very low weight. On the one hand it felt as though I had not really done much. Even so, by the time I got home I felt great. And I am not sore today. Which was the plan. Feel good and want to do it again soon. So I will go either tomorrow or Sunday (who knows, maybe both?).

My right knee, especially, reminds me that I am a much older man than I was five years ago. Age is not all in the head; it's in the knees as well. Nonetheless, I plan to be in pretty fine shape when I hit 65. (Yes, giving myself a few years to get there.)
--the BB

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