Monday, December 01, 2008


Although I think the Fresno County Library mural has been the best ever photo for my masthead, I went for another change. This seems appropriate for winter. It is sunset on the Manzanos Mountains as seen from my home office.

Today was non-stop: the first regular working day in which the new travel system was operative. I am part of the help desk team. The calls came fast and furious. As soon as I hung up there was another. At one point I had not even hung up and the phone rang. Just as I was about to log out for lunch, already half an hour late. That kind of day.

The silence of my home is so wonderful. Unlike most folks, I do not usually have the television playing, or a radio, or CDs. Just quiet. I have come to love it.

I have not commented on the Mumbai horrors as I feel I have nothing to add (except prayers).

Nor on President-elect Obama's cabinet choices. I have mixed feelings but trust him to make it all work. I AM impressed with the high caliber of intelligence and political savvy among them. Nice to think that competent people are being tapped instead of cronies with no relevant experience. There will be thinking outside the bubble.

[That last phrase was an homage to discussion chez le prĂȘtre fou.]

I have tons of prayer requests and it is too late to try listing them. MP is among them, and a number of other dear blog friends. God knows who they are and they know who they are. So give a shout out on their behalf. Thanks.

And now to bed.

Sweet dreams, cherubs.
--the BB


susan s. said...

About the silence in your home, I take it your children are the strong silent types!

Love your reference to the bubble!

And MP has been on my list for some time. He's even on the prayer list at church!

The Cunning Runt said...

"Sweet dreams, cherubs."
--the BB

Thanks, my friend; I'll sleep on it. :)

And thanks for the heads-up on MP, I've been a stranger and was unaware.