Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nothing new

Specifically, there is nothing new in me taking photos from office buildings or looking for architectural details. These are from 2003 when I was working in the Financial District of San Francisco.

Yerba Buena Island and the Bay Bridge
viewed from San Francisco

San Francisco

Courtyard fountain, San Francisco

Just roaming about in old photos tonight and thought I'd share these.
--the BB


David said...

I've never been to S.F. so I particularly enjoyed the shot of the bridge and the island.

but with the third pic (fountain) you're posatively poetic! Concrete, moving water and a receptive pool, all working together to create that incredible play of texture and light. And bless you not only for noticing it, but for sharing it with us.


it's margaret said...


Paul said...

I will try to post some more pics from the Bay Area.