Friday, December 05, 2008

I haven't forgotten FISA

Granted, it has not been in the news much lately and when it has been mentioned I have done a rather poor job of passing on news for some time now.

Mcjoan, who does such a great job of keeping the public informed, has a long post today with updates on some cases in the courts dealing with FISA and warrantless wiretapping in general. Check it out.

It is so damned difficult to pursue justice when everything against you is deemed classified and everything that exonerates you is behind a government stonewall of secrecy. Major suckitude. You can't prove anything, answer anything, defend yourself properly, and the government can screw you over with impunity.

Alas, being a conscienceless narcissist, Bush is constitutionally incapable of self-awareness or remorse. We really need to get him hauled before the Hague since justice ain't gonna happen in the United States. Is he traveling outside the US after January 20?
--the BB

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