Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Visibility and raising consciousness

Random Excess has a post up today at Daily Kos discussing the White Knot (Marriage Equality Symbol). There is a link to the White Knot web site, from which I borrowed two graphics for the one above. As they say at

The White Knot is the symbol for marriage equality. It takes two traditional symbols of marriage—white and tying the knot—and combines them in a simple way to show support for the right of gays and lesbians to marry. All loving couples deserve the same legal rights, benefits, and respect that civil marriage bestows.

Visibility is the goal. Whether you are gay or straight, please show your support by wearing the knot and telling people why you are wearing it. It may seem like a small thing, but imagine the white knot gaining the pervasiveness and instant recognition of the AIDS Ribbon.

Wear your white knot to work, to school, to your place of worship. Celebrities will be wearing white knots down red carpets this awards season. Together, we will keep the topic at the top of people's minds and keep the conversation going.
I doubt they will mind if I borrow prodigiously here.

How to make a White Knot
  1. Start with a 6 inch piece of white ribbon. Widths between 3/4 inch and 1 inch work best.
  2. Tie a double knot in the center of the ribbon. Pulling the first knot tight will line up the ends of the ribbon nicely.
  3. Cut triangles into the ends of the ribbon. This will help prevent fraying.
  4. Pin it on and you're good to go.
This is everyone's symbol. We do not own it.
You may wear it early but they are hoping for a big roll out date of January 20, 2009.

I pass this on in case you want to use this symbol to take a public stand and help raise awareness. (Gotta go ribbon shopping this weekend.)
--the BB

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