Thursday, April 17, 2008

The ABC debacle

Melody Townsel has a great diary up today. She discusses what last night made clear.
Last night, the corporate-controlled media and the right-wing noise machine and the RNC and the old Democratic party guard made it absolutely clear that they consider democracy, the netroots, and anybody who hopes for true change in America an anathema. The enemy. The other.


Last night, they put us on notice that, once again, there's no bar below which they're not willing to crawl, no playing field they won't deliberately tilt off level, no lie they won't tell, no stunt they won't pull, no deck they won't stack, no dice they won't load to put the genie of an empowered U.S. public back in the bottle.

Which means...

Last night, they blinked.
I like here twist at the end.

You can read it all here.
--the BB

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