Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On political discourse in the United States

1. I don't watch debates because they tend to sicken me. (I believe 99.44% of all media moderators should be taken out and shot. Discourse should improve immediately. They are allowed one warning after the first non-substantive question; on the second one they are taken out.)

2. I don't watch ABC or any of the Disney channels ever since they ran Path to 9/11. My cable "favorites" is programmed to skip right past all of them.

3. I was at a prayer group anyway tonight.

4. From what I am reading now that I've returned home, there is great reason to rejoice in 1-3 above.

5. I would take personal pleasure in seeing the Disney corporate empire financially destroyed.

6. My sister is the nice one in the family. I am not.
--the BB


Jane R said...

But you posted BOOTIFUL FWOWERZ at the top of your webbysite!

Yes, I am going to bed now. No, I did not watch the debate. I did, however, watch The Daily Show, which was hysterical re: the papal visit and some of the absurd press coverage of it.

I am in mourning for Blessed Krister but a girl's gotta laugh.

Paul said...

Orchids from St Margaret's Courtyard at CDSP (which for a few years were tended by my dear friend JoAnne Bennett). I hope I can catch Stewart online tomorrow (or the reruns tomorrow evening).

Yes, we all gots ta laff, even in grief.

((((( Jane )))))