Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just too funny

Professional theatre groups have access to, and use, diction and dialect coaches. I have listened to American actors sounding very Irish. It wouldn't fool an Irish person, I'm sure, but the effort required to affect an accent and sustain it for a couple of hours is impressive. We've all marveled at some of the performances of Meryl Streep.

You'd think the White House could dredge up a Roman priest or a Latin teacher when King George IV is about to meet the Pope. Hah!

Bush used the words of Saint Augustine (so Bush said): "pox take 'em." I kid you not; that's how he pronounced it.

I'm sure there will be howls of laughter and tears of sorrow when B16 takes tales of his visit back to the Vatican.

Not that I don't agree with "pox take 'em." I have a little list.

What's the quality of being a doofus? Doofosity? Doofusness? Doofitude? Bushness?
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Forgive me for going for the obvious but - a pox upon him. And for once I don't mean Benny.

Jane R said...

Well done, FranIAm!