Friday, April 18, 2008

Dumb as dirt

Destruction of Evidence, Obstruction of Justice and Other Just Plain Old Dumb as Dirt Ideas

That is the title of looseheadprop's latest article (the ninth) in a series on torture and the Yoo memos and related issues. You may check it out here.

It seems that by destroying torture tapes (evidence) the CIA may have, oh, say, obstructed justice and jeopardized their cases against terrorists. Can you imagine having to let genuine terrorists go because we screwed up so badly?

And yes. Unless we are thugs we must operate by the rules of law. So if we don't do it right we can't just say, "Oh hell, hang them anyway." Because if we do that we are no better than terrorists ourselves.

Dumb. As. Dirt.

Immoral. Irresponsible. Incompetent.

And it's all part of a web of immorality and irresponsibility and incompetence.

Multiple expletives deleted.
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Can you imagine having to let genuine terrorists go because we screwed up so badly?

Oh yes, Paul. It's not really hard to do. Is it hard for you? These people seem never to think of consequences. They may never have heard of the word or considered its meaning.

Paul said...

More of my rhetorical questions, Mimi. My opinion of them is so very low that I am rarely surprised though often appalled.

I toss out rhetorical questions in sermons too, but the congregation can hear the tone of voice and see the impish (or obviously mock horrified) look on my face.

Because I easily imagine the worst of them I have been harping on impeachment. No matter how little time is left, they can do incalculable damage. I want them so embroiled in defending themselves that their opportunity for evil is diminished--all the while having their crimes investigated and exposed.

Presidential pardons also do not extend to impeachment, so if Cheney were impeached Bush could not pardon him. Just saying.

Jane R said...

Well, I just heard back from one of my Senators about the ACLU anti-torture letter I wrote at your urging. I didn't like his letter (he didn't much like mine, it seems, though this was certainly a form letter) and you won't either. Will post it later in the weekend.