Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Business as usual?

Tristero writes today at Hullabaloo:
One can be utterly appalled at the dreadful details of past American behavior and yet make a convincing case that the torture discussions at the highest levels of the Bush administration are something dangerously new. The Torture Presidency is not "merely" an extremist-fueled extension of pre-existing foreign policy but a revolution that establishes a New Normal, where paranoia and racism overwhelm any semblance of commonsense, human rights abuses are considered routine and legal, and the response of choice to nearly any major contradiction of US interests is war.

It is wildly misleading to assert Bush simply built upon the crimes of previous administrations in his public approval of torture discussions (and in the torture practiced by his henchmen). It represents a failure to recognize the radical nature of Bushism and its dangers.
Check it out.
--the BB

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Previously, US sponsored torture was kept hidden, as much as possible, at least a tacit admission that it was wrong. As Tristero says, it's now the New Normal. It's the open and official policy of the Bush maladministration.