Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogroll update

I have not updated my blogroll over there on the right in ages. This morning I have added a bunch of sites that I have been visiting daily for ages. There are others I visit as well, but this is a much-needed catch-up.

Update: In the introductions below I am including folks who have been blogrolled here for some time as well as some I have, in a most overdue and apologetic fashion, added at long last today.  Just so y'all know.

Fran has reminded me that technorati and places like that need actually links in postings to note where we reference each other, and I know that links give us all mojo on the net, so I will take some time to note who's who. I am listing here the individual blogs in contrast with the bigger political blogs.

Acts of Hope is my friend, la contessa, Jane R - one of the few fellow bloggers I've met in the flesh (back when we were both grad students on "Holy Hill" in Berkeley.

An Inch at a Time brings us Susan Russell of All Saints' Pasadena and Integrity USA.

Barefoot and Laughing is courtesy of Kirstin, someone I met online and trade tons of e-mails with. She is going through the joys and trials of seminary and we have lots of Berkeley reference points in common - and we keep finding eerie similarities between us.

Barkings Of An Old Dog is Clumber's site (that witty canine).

Caliban's Dream brings us a view from Down Under where Alcibiades dwells.

I included two sites where you can get your daily fix of Calvin and Hobbes, one in English and one in Spanish. I missed them so much and love getting these re-runs.

Caminante brings us news from Vermont (and reports on Executive Council).

Caught by the Light is my colleague Richard in Mill Valley (we once served together on the Asian Commission of the Diocese of California, he with Japanese-American congregants and I with Cambodian-American congregants).

Chaplinesque has posts from a chaplain in Australia, my buddy Rob with whom I did CPE.

Eileen the Episcopalifem is our Lilith lady (wearing my official t-shirt with pride, girlfriend).

Faith in Community keeps us in touch with Lutheran Pastor Diane.

Father Jake Stops the World, referred to here as Jake's place, brings folks together to keep abreast of adventures in the crazy world of Episcopalians and the Anglican Communion. He has provided a wonderful clearing house for news of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin and we are so grateful for that service.

FranIAm is a spirited place where Fran's diverse friends gather and share lively and provocative discussions. She is my official Roman Catholic girlfriend and I admire her love of her church combined with her sharp critique of it. That's the way to be faithful! And pretty much the approach most of this crowd takes to church - committed and critical.

Grendel, the Misanthropic Dog is the blog for a very special dog who loves his gravy and has a very big, loving heart inside the exterior misanthropy. I very much enjoy my canine online friends like Grendel. Aghaveagh is Grendel's guardian.

here still running is the blog of johnieb, who should write more as he has a great literary voice (well, Southern storytelling has to flow in the blood).

In A Godward Direction brings us the musings of the impressively articulate and charming Tobias Haller, BSG.

It's A Dog's Life is Rowan's blog and Rowan is another canine buddy of mine, one of the most upbeat chaps around. He lives with Lindy.

La Vie Graphite
is a site I have recommended here a couple of times. Wonderful musings and lovely photography. Worth your time to visit there.

Little Bang Theory is the site of The Cunning Runt, whose prose sometimes becomes poetry and whose landscape photos are stunning.

Mom Said Nobody Cares is the blog of Pseudopiskie.

My Manner of Life is home to Lisa Fox.

Of Course I Could Be Wrong (OCICBW) is the blog of Mad Priest, a major site that brings together a huge crowd of wonderful misfits (a category I hope includes all my friends) and has linked many of us. An incredible miscellany.

Padre Mickey's Dance Party is home to Mr. Red Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito and the whole Dance Party Gang. Oh, and Padre Mickey and the Lovely Mona, our missionaries in Panamá. The photos of the people of San Cristobál and the Hogar de Niñas will make sunshine break out in your heart.

Preludium is home for Mark Harris with his obervations on Anglicana and other things.

Psychology, Dogs, Politics and Wine is the site of Dennis.

Scout's Food for Thought is the site of Scout, who lives with Diane. She is a really pretty dog.

Simple Massing Priest links us with Canada where Malcolm+ lives.

Snow on Roses is where you go for really fine poetry and musings by Tandaina.

Telling Secrets is the blog of Elizabeth Kaeton (TELP).

The Mercy Blog recounts the journey into contemplation of Mike F and always offers stuff to chew and reflect on.

The Wounded Bird, of course, is the blog home of Grandmère Mimi, who is either the most charming grandmother in Louisiana or the scariest gris-gris type around (I recommend not judging her by MP's slanders, but never underestimate her either) or both.

Through the Dust is the blog of Deacon Ormonde Plater (another I have actually met) and he keeps us in touch with the calendar of deacon saints from every age.

Wormwood's Doxy
is the eponymous blog for Doxy.

As I said, there are other places I visit, and in comments threads I have met and come to be fond of lots of folks not listed here. But here are some of my blog chums anyway.
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

PAUL, WAS I NOT ON YOUR BLOGROLL BEFORE TODAY? I am crushed beyond what you can imagine. Better late than never, I suppose. You've been on my blogroll for ages. Just sayin'.

Paul said...

Mimi, YOU HAVE BEEN ON MY BLOGROLL FOR AGES, as have several others. I just provided running commentary on everybody today.

Jane R said...


Thank you, Paul.

johnieb said...

Aw, shucks! Mwah!

The odd thing is, I can't hear it, but I feel it when it wants to come out. I've read other people who talked about it that way, and I may be startin' to grasp what they meant.

As with the Spirit, it comes and goes as She will.

Kirstin said...

[humming the Twilight Zone theme... or is it Tales from the Crypt?}

Hugs! Nice romp through the neighborhood.

(Mimi, I GO TO YOU VIA PAUL all the time. :-) )

Diane said...

I appreciate the hard work of not only listing us, but also saying something about each one. I think I need to work through my blogroll a little and say some of things things.

thanks! and Scout says woof!
she liked the cold. she's liking spring, too.

Paul said...

And a woof back to Scout! And mwah! to all.

Eileen said...


You know I LUF the t-shirt!

FranIAm said...

I'm your Catholic girlfriend! I'm your Catholic girlfriend!

I am so tickled by that, given the many obstacles to our love finding a way!

Seriously- thank you. You know how much I love your blog and all that you serve with your passion and your words.

And yes- you did get that right,I am highly critical and yet faithful as well. Which is exactly how I find most of you my dear Episcopalian blogpals and I feel like I have a home with you all. I treasure that.

Paul said...

Fran, you sure are, sweetie! I'm guessing your hubby won't mind (as he has nothing to worry about). And I don't care if Benny blesses our relationship or not - I just want him to loan me Georg. Mimi says that ain't gonna happen, but a guy can dream, can't he?

FranIAm said...

I might have to fight you for Georg... Deep sigh - who am I kidding??

Paul said...

Ah, Fran. Don't you think corrupting a good Catholic wife would be a really bad (not to mention mortal) sin for Msgr. Gänswein? Think of the poor man's soul, dear.

I, on the other hand, am unmarried and, though my orders would be deemed defective, am arguably not of the laity so that he would not be taking advantage of a power differential and thus acting abusively. Granted there is that "objective moral disorder" bit but that seems forgivable if you're really, really sorry afterwards.

Beside, betcha I'm more his type than you are. Nyah, nyah, nyah.