Saturday, May 23, 2009

And the mystery blogger is none other than....

... our own world-girdling, indomitable, Grandmère Mimi!

Seen below with LJ and PJ

And here with Bishop Michael, who preached and presided at the wedding - and I do mean the man preached! - and Jane R. Doxy and I were not the only ones muttering "Amen!" during the sermon.

And yet another of those surreptitious snuggle photos of Mimi and me. Don't worry, Grandpère. She keeps coming home to you and I keep going home alone.

Luv ya, GM!
--the BB


David said...

What's with the 'Mystery' I'd have known our Mimi with that crown of fine white hair anywhere!

and what wonderful pics of what appears to be an extraordinary time between treasured friends


susan s. said...

These pictures are great! I saw all that fran has put up at FaceBook. I love all the pictures of the Bishop. He was here at Marc's installation and preached. He is really something!

verification word is 'fingedo.' What the hell is that?

Paul said...

Well, it wasn't a mystery to those who know Mimi but I had to tease.

Paul said...

I believe, Susan S., that fingedo is either a form of exotic heterpraxy or an especially tricky needlework stitch, but OCICBW. If any practitioners of fingedo would care to enlighten us, we are open to new knowledge.

it's margaret said...

These are wonderful--thank you for sharing these wonderful pics for us!