Sunday, May 17, 2009

The non-progress report

... new forms of darkness rose up.

It is ever thus.

I keep hoping that I can have a nice chunk of writing time on the weekends but it never happens. This weekend had a half-day church meeting, a sermon to prepare, laundry to do, tomatoes and penstemon to plant, tender new plantings to water, sundry yard work, plus other stuff. And now it is, once again, past my bedtime. Ah well.

I did manage to go back and insert a scene, make a few minor corrections, add some chronological references, and rectify a major error I made in the genealogy database. (Only one person but the name was totally garbled.) In a moment of reciprocity, the genealogy program enabled me to correct a relational reference in the narrative. There is a reason they have people work on consistency and continuity in making movies and editing books.

It gets even crazier when my characters resemble Russians in having a first name, a patronymic, and a nickname.

Bit by bit.

I doubt I shall write much this coming week but there you have it.

--the BB

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